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My goal is to provide on this website everything you need to create your stunning website with a minimum of coding


You will find here tips en tricks to make and find an excellent image for your website


When I find piece of coding I will share it on this website so you may benefit from it


Tools and plugins I find withs are great to use on your website I will share them here


Feel free to check out my blog where you find more stunning tips for your website


Divi has many stunning layouts and I will share on this website the best I can find


You may all so find reviews here to provide you with the best possible tools to make your website better.

martin jung

About me

My name is Martin Jung

And born in the Netherlands. 57 years of age, living in a small village in south-holland.

My computer days started in the early 80′ and build websites from the beginning of the internet. And I have a great hobby in photography.

What about the name DiviDocter. Do I know it all or am I a real doctor? Absolutely NOT, I just like the name.

But if you have a problem, just let me know and i will find a solution and  will write a blog about it.


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Martin Jung

My vision is to help you to create an amazing website and help you grow in your design skills

Martin Jung